Karting with Craig

karting with Craig

Eric’s friend (and all-things-with-four-wheels extraordinaire), Craig, was home for the weekend and brought his Horstman sprint kart with him. Lucky for us, he also was able to squeeze our kart, our gear, and ourselves into his friend’s extra-cab Tacoma for a day at the track.

It was great having Craig around to show us the ropes as newbies into the world of karting. He had the right tools, parts, accessories, know-how, and even gourmet jam to go with our peanut butter and potato bread lunch. In particular, it was good to get his perspective when we lost the drive gear. Then, he was really helpful when we evaluated our spark plug. Finally, it was nice of him to help us replace our badly worn sprocket and chain. Of course, how do I repay him but by snapping his throttle cable?! Oh well, we got it fixed by using a “spare” part from our kart. No worries. In any case, good times. good times.

More pictures here.

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