So many parks…

jason bonnie GGH parkIf you have spent any appreciable time in San Francisco, you know there are a bunch of quaint little parks tucked into seemingly random corners of the city. Today, Bonnie and I visited one of them, Golden Gate Heights Park, as we were feeling a little cooped up on such a dreary day.

I discovered Golden Gate Heights Park while on a bike ride a number of months ago. Basically, I was just curious as to what would happen if I just kept riding uphill from our house in the Sunset. Eventually, after some gruelling switch-backs, the road levelled off and I saw the characteristic green sign that announces yet another San Francisco neighborhood park.

It’s very small, but has quite a few amenities considering. Two slightly dusty tennis courts, a playground, and a number of benches welcome anyone looking for a quiet walk and some nice views. I was actually thinking that I could use it as an engagement session location if couples were looking for something simple, woodsy, and non-touristy.

Anyway, on this trip, I had brought my camera and tripod along in case the weather cooperated for some landscape kinds of shots. I got a couple very average looking ones but also got some of Bonnie who randomly felt the need to show me how the mannequins moved in the movie, “Mannequin,” (some of Kim Cattral’s best work.) She’s a weird one, isn’t she? And don’t try to defend her by chalking it up to the pregnancy hormones… she’s always been a little off. Click here for the full album.

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  1. Lee B says:

    What’s the hot chick doing with the ugly guy?

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