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Happy New Year!

This time last year, we were packing for a whirlwind trip half way around the world to Taiwan.  This year… we’re lucky if we can get to Albertson’s down the street.  How things have changed!  I’m starting to lose count … Continue reading

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Alissa is a week old!

It’s “only” been a week, but I can already hardly imagine life without her.  Things are starting to get a little more sane around here.  Alissa slept for three and four hours straight last night so that was nice.  Then … Continue reading

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Alissa Day 4-5

Want more pics?  Click here. The last two days have been very challenging.  Lots of visitors, lots of feedings/changings/etc, lots of not knowing if we’re doing the right thing, lots of advice from different people, and not much sleep. However, I think … Continue reading

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Alissa Day 3

As you might imagine, my daily ramblings will be monopolized by Alissa for a while.  As such, here’s another link to some pictures I took today.  The consensus so far is that she looks more like me than Bonnie.  Actually, … Continue reading

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Alissa’s pics, day 1 and 2

We came home from the hospital today so I got a chance to upload some of the images I’ve taken over the last couple days.  Click on the image above for the Flickr slideshow. FYI, mom and baby are both … Continue reading

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Picture of the day?! No… picture of the year!

After a couple hours of active pushing (and just a little help from mr. vacuum) Alissa Kate Wang was born at 5:45 pm at 6 lbs, 14 oz and 19″.  She got her shots (Hep, Vitamin E) and Erythromycin with … Continue reading

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Bonnie sleeping, getting ready for the big moment!

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Engines are firing!

At 12:50, Dr. Huang visited us and broke Bonnie’s water.  That may make the contractions come more regularly or we may start pitocin around 1:30 in hopes that we can deliver between 2 (after which the antibiotics have taken hold) … Continue reading

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The launch sequence has begun!

Bonnie started having contractions at 3 am this morning!  We had a doctor appointment already scheduled for 8:45 am, but by the time we left the house, the contractions were already 5 minutes apart and lasting almost 1 minute.  So … Continue reading

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T-minus 5 and Counting

  We spent this afternoon making egg rolls a la Mommy Wang’s recipe. It’s been a while since I’ve made them, but I sort of remembered the process and ingredients. Carrots, shittake mushrooms, chicken, rice vermicelli, garlic, bamboo shoots, cabbage, … Continue reading

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