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I walked to Chinatown today to get some lunch and came back with a can of Khao Shong Wasabi Coated Green Peas.  In examining the can, I noticed English, German, and Japanese text but no Chinese.  The can also says … Continue reading

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Did you ever notice…

babies have really, really big heads?  One doctor purports that human babies are essentially born “early” in order to get them out before their heads get too big to physically fit through the birth canal.  As such, he terms the first … Continue reading

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Ooooo… new Honda S2000?

One of my daily reads,, reported today that there may be a Type R version of the Honda s2000.  How cool would that be!?  That might push the Lotus Exige off the top of my lust list of cars.  … Continue reading

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Better late than never

Alissa was only five days old when Christmas came around.  At that time, her head was way too small for the santa hat that Bonnie was so excited for her to wear.  So today, Bonnie had a little extra time … Continue reading

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Start them young!

Many of you know I’m a huge Honda fan.  I’ve owned three Honda motorcycles (1991 Nighthawk 750, 1997 VFR750, 2001 CBR929), four Honda cars (1996 Acura Integra, 2000 S2000, 2003 Accord, 2006 Pilot), a Honda riding lawnmower, and I’d like … Continue reading

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Alissa’s 1-month checkup

We went to Dr. Langston for Alissa’s one month checkup today.  He signed off on a clean bill of health.  She’s still on the short and light side of the curve, but has made progress towards the center.  Alissa also … Continue reading

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Tummy time

Alissa has been getting stronger and stronger every day.  She still has the wobbly head thing going on, but we’re trying to give her some tummy time fairly regularly so she can strengthen those muscles.

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Alissa is one month old!

I can’t believe a whole month has gone by!  On one hand, it seems like just yesterday we were able to leave the house sans diaper bag and all the other accoutrements of having a newborn.  On the other hand, it’s … Continue reading

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Mmm… crepes

For some reason, Bonnie was craving crepes so we decided to make our own from scratch.  It’s actually easier than I thought.  4 eggs, 1 cup of milk, 1 cup of flour and voila!  Crepes.  We made sweet ones with … Continue reading

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The many sleeps of Alissa

We’ve been able to get Alissa to sleep in all sorts of places.  In her pack and play, on my shoulder, in our bed, on her gymnasium, etc.  We also just started to try to sleep train her via the Babywise … Continue reading

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