Ooooo… new Honda S2000?

One of my daily reads,, reported today that there may be a Type R version of the Honda s2000.  How cool would that be!?  That might push the Lotus Exige off the top of my lust list of cars.  Of course, it’s pure speculation at this point and I would say the chance of anything materializing is probably less than 10%, but it’s fun to think about.  Also interesting, the same article mentioned that the next generation s2000 may be a down-market version designed to compete against the Miata instead of the SLK/Boxster/Z4.  That also sounds interesting as it would be much easier on the wallet.  Besides, I always thought Honda would be able to come up with something at least as good as the Miata… like a lite-s2000.

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  1. Mom says:

    Wow, Honda should give you “the most valued customer award!” 😉

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