I walked to Chinatown today to get some lunch and came back with a can of Khao Shong Wasabi Coated Green Peas.  In examining the can, I noticed English, German, and Japanese text but no Chinese.  The can also says to look on the bottom of the can for the ‘Best Before’ date.  As it turns out this can is best before ‘Lot No K157.’  Anyway, this got me thinking, “Who are these people?”  So I looked at their website  This is what I found:

We are always know in all over the world for delivering high quality products with excellent logistic management and assuring the guarantee satisfactions to our valued customers. We are very determined to keep this commitment for not only our short-term goals but also in compatible with the company’s long-term objectives as well.

Here’s some more:

The company welcomes all nut-snack special orders bearing a customer’s brandname. Infact, the company has an experience in supplying snacks onboard as well as s nacks in bulp packs for restaurants and the like. 

Is it that hard to find an English proof reader?  I should start a Chinglish to English translation service.

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