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Alissa’s first party

We went to Jamie’s 2nd Birthday party this past Sunday.  Gladdie had invited Dora the Explorer to entertain the kids with some magic and other kid friendly activities.  I guess this is what I have to look forward to!  Also, … Continue reading

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Alissa gets another bath

We still haven’t gotten good at bath time yet.  I think the water is still a bit cold (we’re scared of burning her) and it takes us too long.  As such, Alissa really hates bath time.  She made her feelings … Continue reading

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Mmm… crab

We went to the Sunset Super today and bought four big ole Dungeness crabs for dinner tonight.  Yummy!  They’re really easy to make.  I think I spent more time and effort eating them and then cleaning up afterwards than actually preparing them.  … Continue reading

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Alissa goes to Fisherman’s Wharf

  Instead of yet another retail store, we went to Fisherman’s Wharf today.  It was beautiful out so we got a nice walk out of it and wandered among the tourists for a while.  As she usually does while strapped in … Continue reading

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Alissa’s corner

Alissa seems to like this corner of the couch so I’ve been putting her there to chill out while I check email and watch TV.        

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The many faces of Alissa

They say that babies change in both look and personality every day.  I would argue that they change in look and personality every split second!  From crying to happy to sleepy to wired.  To illustrate, I took a few shots … Continue reading

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Alissa in macro

Some of you photographers out there may have noticed that most of the pictures recently have the same “look.”  That’s because I’ve been using my 50mm 1.8 lens almost exclusively.  So, to mix it up a bit, I took a … Continue reading

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Late night feedings

Self portrait number two is a late night feeding shot.  We’re pretty good at feeding by now and thankfully, Alissa pretty much goes right down after being changed (at least between 1 and 6 am).  That being said, we do … Continue reading

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Alissa’s Chinese Name

My parents came up with a Chinese name for Alissa derived from her English first name.  Wang Ya Li (王雅莉) is literally translated as King – Graceful – Intelligent.  The “Li” part can also be interpreted as beautiful.  It’s a … Continue reading

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Squirmy Alissa

I’ve been swaddling Alissa pretty tightly as it helps her nap longer.  But we put her down yesterday sans-swaddle and boy is she squirmy!  The series of shots below don’t do it justice.  It sometimes looks like she is swimming with … Continue reading

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