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“There’s a lot more to life than being really, really good looking.”

We’re getting closer to capturing a full on smile and also managed to capture one of Alissa’s Zoolander moments.  This one is “Blue Steel” but she has a good “Magnum” and a hilarious “Le Tigre” as well.

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Daddy’s baby

Most people think Alissa looks more like me than Bonnie.  Bonnie herself says that Alissa has certain “looks” when she looks just like me.  I dug up some of my baby pictures to further illustrate the resemblence.  To my eye, … Continue reading

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Baby Bjorn

Alissa really likes her Baby Bjorn.  She just kinda puts her hands in front of her and goes to sleep.  I think it probably feels a little bit like it did when she was still in the womb.  I like … Continue reading

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Got milk?

Alissa woke up today with dried up milk all over her face.  She must have spit up a little in the morning before we picked her up.  But we got her cleaned up and took a few pictures while she … Continue reading

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She’s not always an angel

Alissa is a pretty good baby for the most part.  As you may have noticed, most of the pictures I post are of her being all cute and happy.  But Alissa does cry and get fussy like all babies do.  … Continue reading

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We walked to Albertson’s today with the Alissa in the Baby Bjorn and bundled her up in her scary bear outfit to keep her warm.  Isn’t she frightening?  You should see her with her scary face.

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     We went to visit Megan Elizabeth Yau today!  She was born on Feb 13, less than 2 months after Alissa.  It will be interesting to watch her, Alissa, and Abigail grow up together as they’re so close in … Continue reading

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The sky is falling!

   We had a little earthquake today.  It was a 3.4 centered in Berkeley.  We felt a couple shudders and that was it.  Not a big deal, but it’s always a funny feeling when it happens. I also forgot to report … Continue reading

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Sleeping Beauty

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Alissa smiling… sort of

Alissa has been smiling more often these days, but we still haven’t really captured a full on smile.  Here are a few sort of smiling pictures that we have gotten.  When she really smiles, she almost looks like an anime … Continue reading

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