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Alissa in studio

We did a few pictures on the blanket my mom crocheted for Alissa.  Plus Bonnie was dying to try some with her angel wings.  I’m not a huge fan, but combined with the pink in the blanket, at least you can’t … Continue reading

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Simon’s First Birthday

Alissa went to her second First Birthday party in as many weeks today.  It seems like everyone and their cousin has a little kid these days!  Anyway, Kristen and Jim had the party for Simon at the Bay Area Discovery … Continue reading

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What big cheeks you have!

Here are a few pictures from this week. This is a funny one though.  The marks are my t-shirt folds from her sleeping on my chest. And here we are watching March Madness.

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Oops, I did it again

Eric and I did a two hour ride through El Corte de Madera Creek Open Space Preserve yesterday.  I haven’t been off that part of Skyline since selling of my motorcycle (gone before I got married) and S2000 (gone before Alissa … Continue reading

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Abigail’s 1st Birthday Party

Deeann and Calvin, party planners extraordinaire, threw Abigail her first birthday party today at Yeah’s restaurant in Redwood City.  As one of the pseudo photographers (paid in egg rolls), I took a whole bunch of pictures which you can view … Continue reading

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Girl Gone Wild (large files)

Here are a few random videos from the last couple weeks: Alissa is starting to really squirm and kick and flail like never before.  She’s also cooing and pretend talking to us… it’s pretty fun to watch.  I’m not … Continue reading

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Girl’s afternoon out

Last Wednesday, Alissa and I met up with Gladdie, Mia and Kaila for lunch at BJ’s in San Mateo.  It was our first big adventure out on our own without Jason (other than our trips to Stonestown and the grocery … Continue reading

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Another family blogger!

My brother joined the ranks of the blogosphere a while back and now, my cousins Anna and Christian with their twins Aidan and Chloe are reporting out their news at Since they live in Manhattan, I don’t see them … Continue reading

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Abigail is walking

Deeann, Calvin, and Abigail came up for dinner last night at Bonnie’s parents’ house.  Abigail is quite the mover these days.  She crawls super fast and has started walking now as well!  She’s still not super-confident on her feet, but … Continue reading

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Smiles! Finally!

I finally got a couple good smiling pictures!  Apparently, Alissa doesn’t find my camera funny so I had to take these “blind.”  In other words, I had to point the camera at her without looking through the eye-piece.  Instead, I … Continue reading

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