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West Portal Lutheran over OLP 14-0 with tenacious D

I took some pictures at Tyler’s basketball team this weekend. Terry, Tyler’s dad (the goofball above) is the head coach this year.  He seems to have the girls running and gunning with a solid defensive effort preventing OLP from getting … Continue reading

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Got mohawk?

Another week, another set of pictures.  No big changes to report.  She did start laughing though.  It was super cute but we can’t seem to get her to do it again.  The first time, she was just looking in the … Continue reading

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Alissa’s 4 month checkup

Alissa had her four month dr. appt yesterday and was given a clean bill of health. She’s now 12 lbs, 6 ozs (25th percentile), 23 inches long (10th percentile) with a head circumference of 15 inches (25th percentile). Still a … Continue reading

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Lots of random pictures from last week

Click here for a bunch of miscellaneous pictures from this past week.  I posted a few of my favorites below: Bonnie had some extra time on her hands and decided to take pictures of Alissa in all her hats before … Continue reading

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Couple last red egg and ginger pictures

Just wanted to share a couple pictures that I had missed previously.  This first picture has some of our favorites in a frame that we displayed at the front table.  This second one just shows how lucky we are to have such generous friends and … Continue reading

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Alissa in Kathy’s Wrapamacallit

Kathy gave Alissa a hand-made “Cozy Wrap” (I like Wrapamacallit better) for her red egg and ginger party.  It’s a big fleece wrap with wings and velcro to keep her snug as a bug in a rug.  I think Kathy … Continue reading

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Alissa’s red egg and ginger party (aka, custom red egg and ginger party favors)

We had Alissa’s red egg and ginger party today at Moonstar. (It seems that all Chinese parents in San Francisco have their red egg and ginger parties there.) We were very happy that so many of our friends and family … Continue reading

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Got Milk? Whatchoo talkin’ ’bout Willis?! Yes, I know, I have a big head. Getting sleepy…. Plotting to take over the world!

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Bahnwich… better sandwiches than Vietnam Village?

I worked from home today so Bonnie and I took Alissa to Bahnwich for lunch.  Some of you may remember that we tried to go last week but were thwarted by their early closing schedule so we ended up at … Continue reading

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Canon HV10 review: New thoughts

I had previously put down some initial thoughts about this camcorder and now that I’ve had some “time behind the wheel,” I have a new perspective about the battery, the size, and finally, usability. I had mentioned that the battery life isn’t so good.  … Continue reading

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