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Alissa’s first foray into solid food

We went to Alissa’s 6-month doctor appointment yesterday and left with some shots, directions on starting solids, and overall, a clean bill of health. She’s now 14.5 lbs and 24.5 inches long. Still in the 25th percentile and 10th percentile … Continue reading

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Alissa in the Jumperoo

So… I finally bit the bullet and bought a Mac Pro. Woohoo! The biggest driver, frankly, was my frustration with trying to edit video with my PC. It wasn’t even that it was slow, just that the software was really … Continue reading

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Rainforest Jumperoo

We got this jumpy thing for Alissa as she really likes being on her feet.  Unfortunately, she’s so short that she can really only touch the floor with the tip of one toe.  We’ll put some of those foam letters … Continue reading

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Alissa the sumo wrestler

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Happy Father’s Day

This is a slightly belated post, but here are some pictures from the dinner Bonnie made for me for father’s day.  Pretty fancy, huh?

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Funny faces

We’ve captured a bunch of funny Alissa faces recently. She’s definitely entertaining. We’re not sure why she makes the faces… maybe it’s part of her developing personality. We also took some new bath time pictures.

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We went to a surprise birthday party for Kathy’s mom this past weekend. Alissa seems to be shopping for prom dates already: She even has the socks/shoes to show off her cankles.

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Alissa is sitting up

Alissa is now sitting up on her own… sort of.  She still tends to fall forward or sideways sometimes.  But hey, you would too if you had a head this big! Ok, it’s not really that bad… the wide angle … Continue reading

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Two big happy families

Funny how much can change in a year.  Last time we were at Vin and Denise’s, there was no Alissa.  Well, there was, but she was still in utero.  What will be different next year?!  

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Sunday with our east coast peeps

Vin and Denise were nice enough to host a get together for a whole bunch of our east coast friends.  Most of the pictures center around the kids in attendance.  Ellen and Mike’s baby, Natalie, is super cute.  She’s just … Continue reading

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