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Tyler and Rylee visit

Tyler and Rylee came to visit for a little while last week. It seems like just yesterday that Rylee was Alissa’s age and now she’s walking and talking… and talking! Sometimes I wonder what Alissa would say if she was … Continue reading

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Our 2nd anniversary

Bonnie and I went on our second “date” since Alissa was born for our 2nd anniversary. Bonnie had found a $99 deal for Morton’s Steakhouse downtown, so we went and gorged on warm onion bread, caesar and Morton’s salad, bacon … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Eddy!

Eddy treated a bunch of friends and family to the Giants game today. It was a particularly exciting game since Barry was just one home run short of tying the all-time home-run record. Unfortunately, he didn’t hit one today, but … Continue reading

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SF Half Marathon: Horrible start, ok finish

So today was the day of the big race. We got off to a bit of a shaky start, but it all ended well. What happened? Well, first of all, let me preface my story with the fact that the … Continue reading

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My first crack at wedding album design

For the past couple years, I’ve been working with a company that would design, print, and bind wedding albums for my clients. They were ok, but recently, I’ve found their service to be kinda not so good and their quality … Continue reading

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Alissa’s hair has fallen and it can’t get up!

So it’s finally happened. Alissa’s hair no longer stands up in front. For about a week, it would droop after a while and then stand back up again when we gave her a bath. Now, even right after a bath, … Continue reading

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Studio pics of Alissa in her dress

I’m not sure I’d call these studio pictures necessarily… I’m too lazy to whip the lights out. But a little ambient light from the window and a black cloth draped over the desk does the trick well enough… even with … Continue reading

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Fun with Shutterfly videos

I had some time on my hands tonight since Jason was shooting a wedding and instead of doing something productive, I decided to do something fun. So, I put Alissa, Abigail and Rylee in their very own music videos. I … Continue reading

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Alissa squeals

Alissa has picked up a new skill… loud squealing. Untitled from Jason Wang and Vimeo.

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Alissa doesn’t really like green beans

Alissa has moved from rice/oatmeal/barley cereals to green beans. As you can see in the video below, she doesn’t really like them all that much. But she does finish what we give her. So that’s good. We’ll see if she … Continue reading

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