Alissa’s hair has fallen and it can’t get up!

So it’s finally happened. Alissa’s hair no longer stands up in front. For about a week, it would droop after a while and then stand back up again when we gave her a bath. Now, even right after a bath, her hair stays down. Maybe it’s because it’s longer now? Unfortunately, she still has a semi-bald spot in the back of her head. And she still scratches back there for some reason which isn’t helping.

In other news, I’ve moved the mac pro upstairs and cleaned out the downstairs a little in preparation for making it a guest room. While I was down there, I put Alissa in the middle of the room all by herself. She looked really small sitting there all by her lonesome so I took a couple pictures.

Also, she really likes feeling a breeze so we took some video of her highness being fanned. I combined the footage with some other miscellaneous shots from earlier in the month and ended up with the video below. I didn’t add any music as her laughing is soundtrack enough. It’s probably really boring stuff for everyone except maybe my parents. But the end is kinda entertaining with her reaction to the fan.

Alissa July 2007 from Jason Wang and Vimeo.

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