SF Half Marathon: Horrible start, ok finish

So today was the day of the big race. We got off to a bit of a shaky start, but it all ended well. What happened? Well, first of all, let me preface my story with the fact that the race starts at 5:30 am… still dark out and my brain isn’t quite fully functioning yet. So, I checked the muni schedule last night and saw the the L-Taraval runs every 30 minutes. So we planned on getting on the 4:30 train to get there in plenty of time to get situated, stretch, turn in our bag, etc. Well, we got on the 4:30 train fine, but it wasn’t a train, it was a normal bus.

(Here’s Lee hating the early morning start.)
So I figured ok, the bus will drop us off at West Portal (where the L-Taravel train goes underground) and we’ll transfer over. Well, we got off the bus, walked over to the underground station, and discovered it was closed. No trains. Apparently, at this time of night, the bus itself has an alternate route and continues on to Embarcadero. Doh! Now what? I ended up calling Bonnie (collect) and asked her to come pick us up at West Portal. Of course, she has to get Alissa in the car seat and stuff, but we figured we would still make it on time. However, instead, we ended up catching a cab on Sloat since we weren’t sure how long it was going to take Bonnie to get there (while unbeknownst to us, Bonnie was just a block away.) In the end, despite this little oopsie, we got to the starting line just in time. Here are a couple pics of the starting line.

And here’s a pic running by Crissy Field:

And a video running up the first hill:

SF marathon mile 3 from Jason Wang and Vimeo.
And the view approaching the GG Bridge:

And a saxophone guy at the parking lot on the other side of the bridge:

I managed to get short clip as Lee was passing the other direction on the bridge… we sound more idiotic than usual for some reason:

SF Marathon – Lee on GG Bridge from Jason Wang and Vimeo.
Here’s the view after crossing back over the bridge… stil lots of people going the other direction!

Here we are, done and done.

Poor bastards still running.

I finished in just over 2 hours… but I did stop to take pictures and I was preoccupied with some of the video taking. Obviously, I wasn’t that serious about finishing under 2 hours having carried the camera the whole way, but it was a good race overall, despite the oopsie getting to the race.

Update: My official time: 2:09.23, 9:53 min/mile pace. Lee’s official time: 1:44.15, 7:58 min/mile pace.

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