Tyler and Rylee visit

Tyler and Rylee came to visit for a little while last week. It seems like just yesterday that Rylee was Alissa’s age and now she’s walking and talking… and talking! Sometimes I wonder what Alissa would say if she was able to talk. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Here are a few more pictures from the last week or so. In other news, Alissa has graduated from both green beans and peas and is now enjoying the fine flavors of squash. Delish!

I’m not sure where this face came from… I didn’t know her eyebrows could do that.

Apparently, Bonnie is running a baby spa complete with terry cloth robes:

Not a good look… maybe she’ll play the saxophone when she grows up.

This is the face I expect to get when she gets older and is trying to look innocent even though she knows she did something wrong. My mom probably recognizes this face.

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