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Studio pics of Alissa and Bonnie

I haven’t had a chance to take the backdrop down so Bonnie had some ideas for some more studio pictures. I swear, Alissa has to be the most photographed baby ever. I challenge anyone to present a more photographed baby. … Continue reading

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Alissa is crawling… sort of

Alissa is at the stage where she kind of does the army crawl when she’s trying to get something. Sometimes she goes backwards, sometimes she just rocks back and forth. But more frequently now, she can actually get from point … Continue reading

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Cafepress store

Bonnie has opened up a Cafepress store. There are only a few items on it right now since it’s a free store front. But here’s a sample:

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Alissa teething, Avenue Q, and Saigon sandwiches

Well, our super easy baby isn’t quite as easy now that she’s started teething. They haven’t erupted yet, but I think they’re on the verge as she’s drooling more, seems to be running a slight fever, and doesn’t go to … Continue reading

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Alissa sticks her tongue out

Just today, Alissa started sticking her tongue way out, especially when smiling. Here’s the flickr album if you want to see the whole series. Otherwise, these two are pretty good:

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Rylee and Tyler’s birthday pool party

Update: Here’s the video: 2007 08 12 Rylee and Tyler birthday party from Jason Wang and Vimeo. Rylee and Tyler always have fun birthday parties and yesterday was no exception. Tons of food (Hawaiian and BBQ), even more desserts, and … Continue reading

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Alissa in a really good mood!

We consider ourselves extremely lucky that Alissa is a pretty good baby. She eats well, sleeps well, and we really have no complaints. Of course, she has her moments like every baby does, but overall we couldn’t be happier. Of … Continue reading

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Alissa is getting ready to be mobile

Alissa has always liked to stand and has been able to do that with me holding her hands for quite a while now. In the past few weeks though, she’s been getting more and more stable with her sitting and … Continue reading

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Alissa likes sweet potatoes

Here’s some video of Alissa eating her sweet potatoes. Apparently, she likes them quite a bit and has decided that the rice/oatmeal/barley cereals just aren’t good enough anymore. We’re going to try mixing the cereals with other stuff to make … Continue reading

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Megan’s red egg and ginger party

Tony and Vicki threw Megan her red egg and ginger party at the Daly City Moonstar today. This is the first of a number of family outings we have planned over the next couple months. Tomorrow is Tyler and Rylee’s … Continue reading

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