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Dennis and I had a debate last time we went karting about what 5 cars we would want if money weren’t an object. This actually required a fair amount of thought since there are so many cars out there that I want. From muscle cars to sports cars to exotics to race cars… the car universe is vast. After much soul searching, this is the list I came up with and why:

1. 2006 Lotus Exige – follows the proven formula of light weight and great handling for speed without necessarily requiring tons of unweildy horsepower. And it looks mean!

2. 1991 Acura NSX – I’ve lusted after this car since it came out. Supercar looks and technology at more pedestrian prices with the reliability of a Honda. And I like the older ones that didn’t have power steering… more of a pure sports car.

3. 1990 BMW e30 M3 – Since a driving instructor took me for a ride in his, I’ve loved this car. I really dig the boy racer looks in addition to the handling and power plant.

4. 1998 Porsche 993 911 turbo – I needed a turbo on the list and what better turbo than the last air cooled 911? The whole whale tail look has always looked good to me too.

5. Spoon Honda Fit race car – This last one was really hard. I almost put Honda s2000 down but I already owned one. Plus, I already had the NSX on there so I thought I’d stay away from Honda. True, the Fit is a Honda, but the Spoon Fit is really a race car so it’s only cheating a little. Finally, I think I may actually get a Fit so I like to pretend that it’ll be like the Spoon one some day.

So that covers it. I have V6, inline 4, horizontally opposed 6, rear engine, mid engine, front engine, rear wheel drive, front wheel drive, turbocharged, supercharged, naturally aspirated, German, British, and Japanese cars.

Update: Dennis put a list of his own up. You can tell who’s the veteran (and professional) blogger and who’s still figuring things out.

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4 Responses to Top 5 cars

  1. Pete says:

    Audi R8. How could you miss the Audi R8.

    At least the NSX is in there.

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  3. Retro says:

    I just love a cool classic car like a convertible Cutlass. I see them all the time in movies and TV now.

  4. have always loved the AC Cobra

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