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Alissa likes bananas but not hanging from poles

We’ve been putting fruit in this baby mesh sucking thingy. Basically, you put little pieces of stuff in there and the baby sucks on it through the mesh. That way, they don’t choke on anything. It’s really messy, but Alissa … Continue reading

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Alissa and Aidan

And finally, a look back to when Alissa was about the same age as Aidan is now. Same hat and swaddle blanket:

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Alissa’s nine month checkup (and some random pics)

Alissa was 16 lbs, 6 oz (10th percentile), 25.75″ long (4th percentile) at her nine month appointment yesterday. This is down from the 25th and 10th percentile numbers from her six month appointment. Not to worry though, Dr. Langston said … Continue reading

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Lewit swings a bat

Vin was in town a couple weeks ago so Lewit and I took him to Malibu. Here’s Mat in the batting cages… pretty darn funny. Lewit batting cages from Jason Wang on Vimeo.

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Alissa likes tea

alissa tea from Jason Wang on Vimeo.

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Poo brown coffee table trim

Alas, we have joined the ranks of those parents who have had to sacrifice their extravagantly decorated *ahem* living room in the name of safety. As such, behold, our newly trimmed coffee table in poo brown. Alissa has been pulling … Continue reading

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Alissa has teeth!

No, she doesn’t have two buck teeth as the pictures above imply. It looks pretty darn funny though! I swear she’s channeling some dentally challenged cousin from the Clampets. Funny pictures aside, one of her bottom front teeth seems to … Continue reading

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Welcome Aidan!

Kathy and Eric welcomed Aidan into the world yesterday! He’s a cutie! Walking into the maternity ward brought some memories back. Can’t believe it’s already been more than 8 months! Both Bonnie and I said we couldn’t remember Alissa being … Continue reading

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Alissa, trapped

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Some of Bonnie’s hair clips

As Deeann mentioned on her blog, hair clips for babies are amazingly expensive! So Bonnie decided to try making some of her own with some supplies from the local crafts store. Here are some of the ideas she’s come up … Continue reading

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