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Alissa sandwich

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Someone stole my bike

I’ve been riding my new fixed gear to BART to go to work and locking it up outside the station. Today, I got off the BART and no bike. Gone. Poof. Just like that. Grr!!! If you see it around, … Continue reading

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Aidan and Alissa, sittin’ in a tree…

We did some studio pictures with Aidan and Alissa this weekend… this is one of the cuter ones.

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Fun with baby hair

Alissa’s hair is getting longer and longer. So far it’s only long enough to do “the unicorn” but hopefully, pig tails are just around the corner!

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Lexus IS300 timing belt and water pump change

The Lexus was due for a new timing belt and water pump so I decided to tackle it on my own and save the $400 or so that I would have paid for labor at one of the local independent … Continue reading

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Some more pics from Wangsgiving

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Happy Wangsgiving!

Yes, the title is a shameless ripoff of Dennis’ Yangsgiving, but share and share alike I say. Besides, I gave him some top secret charcoal for his turkey, so we’re square. Anywho, we hosted a bunch of Bonnie’s family as … Continue reading

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What else has Alissa been up to?

It’s been a while since I did any sort of update on Alissa’s developmental progress (other than the standing thing.) So here are some things that we’ve noticed lately (developmental or not). 1. She loves the bathroom. I’m not sure … Continue reading

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Alissa can stand!

Alissa can stand by herself for fractions of a minute at a time! She looks so “advanced” when she does it but I think that’s just because she’s so small. She’ll probably attempt her first step sometime in the next … Continue reading

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Aidan’s Red Egg & Ginger party

Another red egg & ginger party, another Moonstar buffet meal. Mmm… buffet. It’s amazing how many of our friends and family have young kids now. We’ve been living through a kid explosion over the last few years. And there are … Continue reading

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