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Alissa eating noodles

We had wontons and noodles tonight for dinner. Alissa just had the noodles. It was messy. The series is here. And here are a couple favorites:

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Pre-school already?

We’re looking into preschools for Alissa. For those of you who don’t have kids in San Francisco, you probably think we’re crazy to look two years ahead for pre-school. Some would say we’re actually behind. In any case, it turns … Continue reading

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Elmo invades our house too

One of the toys that Alissa seems to like is the singing Elmo. It’s the kind that you can program with your computer via USB cable. So at the moment, it has her favorite foods, her favorite people, and is … Continue reading

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Mmm… juice

We’ve been trying to get Alissa to take her milk from a sippy cup, by herself, and cold. We’ve been unsuccessful on all three fronts so far. However, she will take cold juice from a sippy cup by herself. *sigh* … Continue reading

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Some more swimming pictures

This time, Bonnie went in the pool with Alissa.

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Connor and his peeps

I took some pictures for Jen, Ken, and Connor yesterday in Golden Gate Park. It was a little chilly outside, but not too bad. Are they a good looking family or what?! Notice the matching Uggs on Connor and Jen. … Continue reading

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Alissa’s first swim class

We took Alissa to the Janet Pomeroy Center and signed her up for the Cuttlefish swim program. It’s not so much swimming as it is playing and getting comfortable in the water. They have a nice program though and the … Continue reading

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Barney invades our household

It was bound to happen I guess. Part of Alissa’s morning ritual is sitting on the floor eating some pieces of bread out of a bowl while watching Barney on the computer waiting for Bonnie to prepare her proper breakfast. … Continue reading

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Alissa is getting better at walking

After taking her first real steps weeks ago, Alissa kinda took a vacation from walking. She would do it if we really coaxed her, but for the most part, she preferred just crawling. For the last couple days, however, she’s … Continue reading

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Alissa’s first bubble bath

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