Back from Vegas… again

We were in Vegas once again this past weekend. This time, it was for the annual meeting of my investment club (mostly a bunch of fraternity brothers) as well as to spend time with my family who is now rather settled there.

Alissa was pretty well behaved for the most part. She really liked the escalators and people movers in the airport. Here she is during one of the rare sitting still moments:
It gave way to people watching pretty quickly:
Otherwise, she enjoyed most of the “vacation” not that she has anything to vacation from. Regardless, as you can see, she found Vegas most relaxing:
When not lounging about, she spent some time at the local park. As she does while at home, she enjoyed the slide and tube tunnel.
And of course, she enjoyed being spoiled by the grandparents probably just as much as they enjoyed spoiling her.
However, I think she would agree that there’s no place like home, especially when there’s a froggy towel to be wrapped up in after a nice long bath.

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