Still short

Alissa is still wearing a lot of 12, 9, and even some 6 month clothes despite the fact that she just turned 16 months. And now that she’s walking, we get a lot of comments about how cute it is that such a small baby can walk. Little do they know she’s been practicing for 4 months now. Here’s a picture that speaks to her stature. She’s actually wearing a shirt, but Alissa pulls it off as a dress.


In other news, Alissa is now sleeping in her crib every night. It actually wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be. Some crying here and there, but all in all, can’t complain that much. I think it helped that we started sticking to a routine at night. Dinner, bath, bottle, brush teeth (she now has five and a molar poking out) read a book (Goodnight Moon), and then in the crib.

She’s also started to pick up words at an accelerated pace. In addition to up, down, no, yes, dada, and mama, she has now picked up some semblance of juice, shoe, thank you, ball, bao (Chinese bun), joo-joo (Cantonese for banana), and wow. She also knows the sign for please so now she says up and then does the sign for please. Or the sign for more and then the sign for please. Finally, she knows where the “A” is on our alphabet play mat. Before long, she’ll be solving differential equations and analyzing the thermodynamic properties of her bottle warmer.

I’ll end with a funny video… for some reason, Alissa loves to turn the stereo receiver on and off. We’ve tried to train her not to do it but we haven’t been consistent about it so she still does it. Today, we tried physically blocking her access with some pillows. Also, Bonnie told her “don’t touch with your hands!” Well, you can see in the video how well that worked.

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