Alissa and Megan

We went to dim sum with a bunch of Bonnie’s cousins today and I snapped this picture of the two Vickies, Alissa, and Megan (apparently, Megan wasn’t happy with the dan tat or something).


It’s funny how differently babies develop. Megan is a few months younger than Alissa but she has pretty much all her teeth already whereas Alissa still just has four with the others mostly poking out (finally.) On the other hand, Megan just started walking whereas Alissa started walking relatively early on. One thing they have in common, however, is that they are both already solving differential equations and writing epic poems in iambic pentameter. Must be those fancy prenatal vitamins.

Anyway… Bonnie also came across this random picture of the two geniuses so I thought I’d share this one as well. It’s from the annual Wong superbowl party.


This is one of those pictures that we’ll look back on when they’re like, 14, and realize how amazing it is that they ended up going from innocent little babies to pain in the ass teenagers. 🙂

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