Wii fit is hiilarious

I was one of the lucky ones who pre-ordered the Wii Fit on Amazon before it officially launched so we’ve been playing with ours here and there for the last week or so. Overall, it’s pretty fun. I wouldn’t say it’s life changing or anything but I guess it’s better than sitting on your butt eating bon-bons all night. I’m actually looking forward to what other games come out that make use of the board. Although the actual Wii Fit games are fun, they’re pretty basic following the formula of Wii Play and Wii Sports. I hear there is a Raving Rabids game coming out that will use it so that might be interesting.

Anyway, on to the main reason for this post… embarrassing family. Here are four videos starring Benita (I’m in one of them). She’ll probably kill me for posting these, but oh well. She can write her own blog and return the favor some day.

This next one is funniest at the end since it looks like we’re going into convulsions as we race for the finish line.

This one is the funniest one to me. Benita looks like she’s doing the Elaine dance!

2008 06 01 Wii Fit Benita from Jason Wang on Vimeo.

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