Back from NYC

I had a work meeting in Manhattan last week so we ended up making it the beginning to our annual east coast pilgrimage. While in the city, we met up with a couple friends as well as my cousin Anna’s family. While visiting them (likely for the last time before they move to the ‘burbs), Alissa and Chloe decided to take turns pushing each other in a little doll stroller:
(Speaking of which, our Graco Mosaic stroller broke a wheel after being subjected to the gate check from our flight… this was after I had to epoxy it back on after it broke off the first time after our trip to Laguna Beach so it’s not entirely their fault.)

Alissa and Bonnie also spent some time with Vivian. Here they are in Central Park playing with the water:

After working up an appetite, they stopped for some snacks:
Alissa loved this jam apparently. Don’t report us to child services for feeding our baby what amounts to straight sugar.
Alissa also enjoyed her first pickle which we got from the Carnegie Deli along with a pastrami sandwich about the size of her head:

Then, for the weekend, we ended up at Vin’s place for the annual “Wang’s come to the East Coast BBQ.” Here’s Alissa having her first Oreo cookie sans frosting:
She also had a great time playing with Gunther all weekend:
He basically tolerated her while she tried to ride, stand on, pull on, and pet him constantly.
Alissa also got a chance to try out her big hat at the park down the street:

The only thing I forgot to do is take a group picture of all the folks that were able to make it to the BBQ. Too many people to catch up with in too little time. Oh well, hopefully we can make it back again next year. By then, all conversations will revolve around kids as Vin and Denise will have a little Chao, Kiran and Priya will be inconceivably bigger, Alissa will be even more of a pain in the butt, Ellen and Mike may be able to make it with Natalie and their newborn, and Jenny and Eric will have a little one as well. Damn… talk about population growth!

Rest of the pics here.

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