Old friends, new friends, and soon-to-be friends

It was quite an action packed day today. After spending most of the morning running errands at Costco, Babies ‘R Us, and Trader Joe’s, we ended up at an old friend’s house in Menlo Park.

James Wu (Woozy) and I grew up together and our families have been friends for decades. Even though he was a year older than I, we spent a ton of time together in high school as we were both the token (and model) Chinese students in our respective grades at Abington Heights. (Bonnie reminds me quite frequently that she’s not quite sure how she ended up with such a dork.) Anyway, we had lost touch for the last 12 years or so (still can’t believe it’s been that long) but our dads still played golf together so I’d get periodic updates. Long story short, James (he’ll always be Woozy to me) now lives in Menlo Park with his wife, Joann, and dog, Askr, and we finally got together for lunch today.

I would have taken more pictures but they put together such a nice picnic spread that I got sidetracked with all the eating and catching up. Instead, I just ended up with a couple of Alissa.

Now that we’ve reconnected, hopefully we’ll be able to get out and do some stuff together every now and then.

Anyway… on to the new friends part of this post’s title. After lunch with James, Joann, and Askr, we went to visit Brian, Clara, Reid, and Kira, the new addition to family. Kira is a month old now and is cute as a button. (I actually thinks she looks a lot like Reid.) I took a few snaps in so-so lighting:

I know Alissa was that small at some point, but it’s really hard to remember it at this point. Especially now that she’s such a big girl, eating at the adult table and all:

Finally, our soon-to-be friend isn’t a person at all. It’s our new jogging stroller!

Found it relatively cheap as a closeout! After our cheapo Graco Mosaic stroller lost it’s (once repaired) wheel due to the rough gate checkers at Virgin America on the way to NYC last week, we decided it was time invest in a higher quality one that would not only stand the test of time, but also be maneuverable, comfortable, and versatile. Of course, my intention is to actually go jogging with it… we’ll see how that goes.

Finally, I’ll just leave you with these few images of happy Alissa:

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  1. Awwww, cute pics.

    Glad to see you got a jogging stroller. I purchased a Graco one a little while back and I have to say the durability of it is great. The little one, Millie, loves it too – a little more comfortable than the last one – she used to be really grumpy afterwards, but now she loves it.

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