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Reached my weight goal today!

You probably haven’t been paying attention to the additional tab at the top of the blog, but I’ve made my goal of reaching 160 lbs a month ahead of schedule. I’ve rewarded myself with (finally) getting a PS3. Should be … Continue reading

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Piz’a Chi-Chiang

We went to see the Chiang’s new place yesterday with Vicki and Megan. Since Tony was at Comicon with Eddy, we picked up the remaining Yau’s. It was funny to see Alissa and Megan interacting on the car ride there. … Continue reading

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Back in the day…

I’ve been backing up some old pictures and came across this one: Life sure was different back then! I have a bunch more backing up to do as well as some scanning that I’ve been neglecting so chances are you’ll … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Taryn

Another weekend, another baby birthday party. Have I used that line before? Anyway, today was Taryn’s second birthday party at Pump It Up, Jr. in Sunnyvale. I talk about how small Alissa is but she seems particularly petite in this … Continue reading

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Danny and Kim get married

Bonnie’s middle school family friend Danny got married today. I tried to get some low light indoor shots with the new lens but the conditions were pretty tough. I had to bump the 5D up to ISO3200 and even so, … Continue reading

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Canon 135mm 2.0L

I added another lens to my arsenal with the Canon 135mm 2.0L. It’s one of the sharpest and most highly regarded lenses in the Canon stable and I’ve had my eye on it for quite a while now. I haven’t … Continue reading

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Alissa is learning how to eat with a fork

It’s more like a spork but regardless, she successfully gets spaghetti noodles in her mouth while leaving most of the sauce on her face.

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How short is Alissa?

Short enough that a case of Ramen is about the right height to be her chair.

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Farts, lotion, and crooked smiles

About two seconds before I started the video, Alissa let out this ginormous fart. (You’ll see it register with Bonnie.) Then she proceeds to demonstrate her pretend lotioning skills. And finally, proves that she is indeed a ham, putting on … Continue reading

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Pink Puma girl goes to the park

The weather in the Sunset has been super comfortable (even though much of the rest of the bay area has seen triple digits.) So we walked to our local kiddie park this afternoon for Alissa to get a quick swing/slide … Continue reading

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