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Random Alissa pics

Alissa’s hair is long enough to put in a pony tail… sort of. It stayed up pretty well because it’s been hot the last couple days and Alissa is getting over a cold so her sweat and boogers acted like … Continue reading

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My “free” IQ

I got suckered into one of those free IQ tests on Facebook. The test itself was fine albeit suspect in accuracy given there were only like 20 questions you needed to answer. The crappy part was the 3,523 free offers … Continue reading

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First annual family BBQ

We’ve been anticipating today as the day we share our big news with Bonnie’s family at the first annual family BBQ down at Rengstorff Park in Mountain View. As you may remember from the last post, Bonnie’s plan was to … Continue reading

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Alissa has some big news… and some REALLY big news!!!

I have news and I have NEWS. The news is that Bonnie is pregnant again! Yay! We were hoping #2 would come about when Alissa turned two and as it turns out, Alissa will be around 26 months. Now, for … Continue reading

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Clorox Family Day at Six Flags Marine World

Clorox hosted the first “Family Day” in nine years today at Six Flags Marine World. They did a great job with organizing everything and even had games in the picnic area for the kiddies. Plus, there was a special showing … Continue reading

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That 70’s Show

Well, I finished scanning another of my parents’ old albums. This one has a bunch of wedding pictures plus some random pictures from what seem to be road trips. Here’s the link to the entire album and some of my … Continue reading

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Sunday meanderings

We spent the first half of Sunday hitting some San Francisco “hot spots.” First, we picked up Jeff and Xiao Yi at the Legion of Honor to go to brunch at Ella’s. We tried out their corned beef hash with … Continue reading

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Alissa the unicorn

Alissa’s hair is finally getting long enough where we can put it in a little pigtail. We’ve also noticed she has some new play habits. For example, she loves this red head band (or any headband for that matter.) She … Continue reading

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Alissa eating corn… again

I don’t know how many images I have of Alissa eating corn but here are a few more. She’s getting better at really picking out her spots and going for them with gusto. And she was able to do a … Continue reading

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Welcome Baby Devyn!

I’ve been playing “Geek Squad” with Terry’s computer for the last couple weeks and finally got it back to him today. Lucky for us, we were also able to visit with the newest addition to the Huey clan, Devyn. The … Continue reading

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