First annual family BBQ

We’ve been anticipating today as the day we share our big news with Bonnie’s family at the first annual family BBQ down at Rengstorff Park in Mountain View. As you may remember from the last post, Bonnie’s plan was to have Alissa be the bearer of good news. Here she is, posing for a shot at home and again, hamming it up at the park.


I think everyone had a good time. First, the park was setup very well. The picnic area was really clean and organized. We were all especially impressed with the size, cleanliness, and features of the grill setup. Also, the tennis, pool, and field facilities were very well maintained and not too crowded. We took advantage of all three, kicking off what will surely become the traditional Dodge Ball match.

Otherwise, there was lots of grilling, eating, and playing going on.

And we did somehow manage to collect everyone for a group picture:

All in all, a very fun day. But pretty tiring too! It was fun to share our news and receive everyone’s congratulations (and condolences =P). But between all the packing, unpacking, tennis, dodge ball, grilling, taking pictures, eating, drinking, talking, sharing, driving, and finally blogging, I’m pretty beat. With that I’ll close by saying thanks to everyone for coming and making the day so fun. Thanks especially to Deeann for taking care of the park reservations and bringing her famous marinated chicken. (Rest of the pictures here.)

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