My “free” IQ

I got suckered into one of those free IQ tests on Facebook. The test itself was fine albeit suspect in accuracy given there were only like 20 questions you needed to answer. The crappy part was the 3,523 free offers I had to decline before getting my score. I know, I know… people are trying to monetize the internet and all. But really… if it takes me as much time to say no as it does for me to take the stupid test to begin with, I’m just never going to click on any link ever again. Maybe they’ll invent something like Tivo for the internet so you can just skip all the commercials. Anyway, the result is below. (I removed the link to prevent unsuspecting suckers like me from clicking through but if you like free offers, the site is right there.) Again, who knows how accurate these things are… my IQ is probably really low and they just inflate it to get more people to link to their stupid site. Grr…

Free IQ Test

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