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Happy Halloween!

Bonnie put this little montage together of Alissa at different ages in different Winnie the Pooh costumes.

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Another bike! Panasonic Sport 500

I’ve been eying a stripped down bike frame that Terry has had hanging in his garage for decades apparently. It’s an 80’s era Panasonic Sport 500 which apparently, was the low end model that they had to offer back in … Continue reading

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I got a new bike – Dawes SST review

I’ve been riding a beater mountain bike to go to work the last few months but it finally started giving me problems. Specifically, the chain was hopping off and the seat stem was starting to bend. So I decided it … Continue reading

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California Academy of Sciences

We decided to try the California Academy of Sciences again today after our failed attempt on opening day. There were still tons of people there and traffic was a mess when we left. Still, we had a good if brief … Continue reading

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We visit the Pumpkin Patch on 19th Ave at Sloat

We had originally planned on making a trip to the Half Moon Bay pumpkin patch but it seemed like a big production for just a pumpkin. There’s the cost of gas, having to deal with traffic, twisty roads (with a … Continue reading

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Alissa is a big girl now

Apart from the potty training (which is going pretty well actually) Alissa is turning into more and more of a big girl every day. Today, she wore this big girl dress that my grandmother gave her so we could take … Continue reading

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Ashlyn’s first birthday party

Alissa made friends with yet another baby today at Ashlyn’s first birthday party. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to stay for the whole thing as it was way past Alissa’s nap time and she was getting cranky. As such, I didn’t … Continue reading

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To infinity, and beyond!

We had bought this pop up Buzz Lightyear spaceship as an “emergency” gift a while back but decided we might as well put it to good use so Alissa has been having a ball with it the last few days. … Continue reading

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That my friends, is the statistical probability of having two girls in a twin pregnancy. Ironically, that’s also the probability that the father of said twin girls ends up prematurely gray. I kid. (More precisely, I kid-kid.) The important thing … Continue reading

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