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Annual Holiday Huey photo session – 2008

Alissa and I went over to the Huey’s with white backdrop in hand for the annual holiday photo session. Although we added Devyn to the mix this year, things went pretty smoothly and I think we got a lot of … Continue reading

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Finished the front quadrilateral

Well, it’s not pretty. And some of the joints don’t seem 100% filled in. But it’s together and actually feels rock solid. I’ll probably go back and try to redo the parts where I can see gaps. I think I’m … Continue reading

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Second braze attempt – Down tube to Head tube

I *think* my braze yesterday was good so I moved on to the second braze which connects the down tube to the head tube. I believe this one turned out better. To get some feedback, though, I took some video … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving, 2008

No Wangsgiving this year, but I did make an apple pie (from scratch thank you) to bring over to the family get together later tonight. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I thought I’d put a short list of things we’re … Continue reading

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Grizzly tube notcher fix and first braze attempt

I managed an easy fix to the offset tube notcher problem. I’m not really happy that it needs a fix to begin with but maybe Grizzly will come through with a solution. In any case, the solution I found was … Continue reading

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Bike build part deux – tube notcher

There are going to be lots of bike build posts in the future so for those of you looking for Alissa pictures, feel free to gloss over these. On to the topic of the day! I got the bench grinder … Continue reading

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Another day at the park

Not that I need to post any more Alissa at the park pictures, but she has developed some new behaviors. First, she’s gotten used to her new backpack which we have on loan from Jeff and Xiao-Yi. (She also likes … Continue reading

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Bike geometry spreadsheet

In preparation for the bike build, I’ve been doing some research on bike sizing and how geometry influences handling. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything that really told you how long to make certain parts of the bike, particularly the chain … Continue reading

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New project – the beginning of Jason Wang Bicycles

With the bike done, I find myself craving another project. Not that I don’t have enough to do around here as it is with Alissa, Bonnie on bedrest, and some photography stuff here and there. I guess maybe I just … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Grandpa

Alissa helped Grandpa celebrate his birthday yesterday. She also picked up this new karate pose from Benita. It’s actually better than that with her arm held out in a punch but we didn’t get it captured quickly enough.

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