New project – the beginning of Jason Wang Bicycles

With the bike done, I find myself craving another project. Not that I don’t have enough to do around here as it is with Alissa, Bonnie on bedrest, and some photography stuff here and there. I guess maybe I just need a diversion from all the adult responsibilities that come with a growing family. And since I can’t afford a Lotus, I figure I’ll expand on the bike theme. But instead of just building up a bike frame, this time, I’m going to build a bike from scratch. Crazy you say? Crazy like a fox! =)

It’s actually not that big a deal although I admit that the scope has grown. How? Here’s the evolution:

1. The last bike project aggravated the lumbar radiculopathy that hasn’t bothered me for the last two years so I need a proper work bench.
2. Work benches are expensive though, so I’m going to build my own.
3. To build a proper work bench, I need a compound miter saw. (Ok, I don’t absolutely need one, but any self-respecting DIY homeowner should have one.)
4. While I’m at Home Depot, I might as well get the closet rod that Bonnie wants me to add.
5. Yet to be identified projects that will be born from here.

And of course, to build the bike itself, I need some other tools that I don’t already have (bench grinder, hole saws, hand files, vice, gas torch, etc.)

So anyway, no post is really complete without pictures, so here are a few quick ones.

Here’s the bench holding up the mitre saw I used to build it:

It has wheels so I can put it in the middle of the garage when I’m using it and then roll it against the wall when I’m done.
I got the miter saw for $60 off at Sears.

Here are the bike pieces:

I got them from Nova Cycle Supply. Many of the parts are from their November special.

Here’s about how they’ll go together:

Of course, I still need the chain, wheels, saddle, seat post, handlebars, stem, pedals, and brake lever. I already got a crankset, freewheel, and brake caliper.

So, hopefully, before too long, all these parts will turn into a ridable, safe, and cool bike that fits me perfectly.

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