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Alissa’s first real sentence

Alissa’s vocabulary and verbal skills continue to develop normally as far as we can tell. A lot of her communication is in one word bursts. Sit! Stuck! Sleep! Poo! Help! But she also has two word bursts. Open it! Catch … Continue reading

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NAI-NAI! visit

My mom (Nai-nai) is here for a little while to Alissa’s delight. For some reason, she likes to yell, “NAI NAI!” when she’s not within a direct line of sight. As if she’s going to get lost without the loud … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays!

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Alissa’s second birthday party

We just had a small group over for Alissa’s birthday party this year. Bonnie made a request for chicken cacciatore and a Panormous Pizza Hut Pizza. So I got up early and threw all the cacciatore stuff in the slow … Continue reading

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Happy 2nd Birthday Alissa

As is now the tradition, Bonnie and I put together a video for Alissa’s second birthday. Dennis, once again, helped with the soundtrack. This may be the last one for just Alissa with the twins on the way. Instead, we … Continue reading

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Baby it’s cold outside

Although it was a bright sunny day, the temperature was downright chilly today. Despite the nip in the air, I took Alissa to the park with many layers and the hat she loves to hate.

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Baby B’s first glamour shot

We haven’t been publishing ultrasound pictures since they’re not that great usually and we go all the time anyway. But yesterday, we got a good one of Baby B since she was in a good position. (By definition, Baby A … Continue reading

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Another potential prom date for Alissa and her sisters

We went to visit the latest addition to Alissa and her sisters’ pool of prom dates, Gavin, earlier this week. I didn’t get to take any pictures because Alissa demanded to be held so she could see the baby. She … Continue reading

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Ready for a test ride!

I got the bike back from the shop today and installed all the parts. Unfortunately, when I first stomped on it, one of the joints came loose (left side dropout). Oops! I rebrazed it and now it seems fine… for … Continue reading

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Canon 5D2 – short video sample

Bonnie’s dad just got the Canon 5D2. I haven’t had a chance to put it through it’s paces yet, but I did try a short video clip. This was taken in pretty bad lighting with a 24-105mm 4.0 IS lens. … Continue reading

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