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25 random things about Alissa

Some of you who are active Facebookers may have noticed a “25 random things about me” thing making the rounds. Well, Dennis did one for him… and then for his dog, Bailey. Since I never have an original thought and … Continue reading

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Archiving 2008 resolution

Just archiving my old resolution as it’s now 2009 (For the record, I ended the year around 152). Haven’t figured out the 2009 resolution yet… maybe I’ll try to get abs of steel. They say that if you write a … Continue reading

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Walk around the ‘hood

It was too cold to go to the park today but I wanted Alissa to get some fresh air so we just went for a quick walk around the block. It’s amazing how much stuff fascinates her around the perimeter … Continue reading

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DIY headphone amplifier – JDS labs CMoy bass boost version 2.02

With the stress of Alissa’s terrible twos and the impending birth of the two terribles, I’ve been taking on little projects here and there. The bike was one of the more ambitious projects. My latest project, though less ambitious, is … Continue reading

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Alissa and Megan playing together

We had a breakthrough today as Alissa and Megan actually played together for the first time. Usually, they just play around each other and try to stake claim over the toys that happen to be around. But today, a strange … Continue reading

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The next Mia Hamm?

With the 70 degree weather today, I thought Alissa might want to go try out the new Astroturf field next to our local playground. So we took her purple ball and I introduced her to soccer for the first time. … Continue reading

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Alissa’s new kitchen

Our house is starting to look like a daycare center and the twins haven’t even arrived yet! The latest addition is the play kitchen Benita and Alan got Alissa for Christmas that we put together yesterday. Eric and Alan helped … Continue reading

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