Alissa and Megan playing together

We had a breakthrough today as Alissa and Megan actually played together for the first time. Usually, they just play around each other and try to stake claim over the toys that happen to be around. But today, a strange thing happened.

Alissa and I were playing “sleep” in her room (when one of us pretends to sleep… tons of fun) when Megan walked in and kinda watched for a minute or so. Then Megan started climbing up the crib. Not a big deal… she just stepped up on the lower rail and hung on the vertical slats. Alissa saw this and you could almost see the light pop on over her head. “Whoa! Why didn’t I think of that?!” After pointing and saying, “Climb!” a few times, she decided to give a shot herself. So now I have two toddlers hanging from the side of a crib.


A few minutes later, that kind of got old, so Megan decided to take a shot at playing sleep as well.


Well Alissa wants in on that action too.


So to make sure Megan knows how to play, Alissa demonstrates.


Megan, being a quick study, gets the hang of it pretty quickly.


Of course, you can’t really expect two toddlers to play “sleep” for very long so they were both up and about shortly thereafter.


And Alissa decides it’s time to teach Megan game number two… Hop-hop.


Once again, Megan catches on pretty quickly and they proceed to hop-hop with squeals of delight for the next ten minutes.


Eventually, the grandmas get suspicious and put an end to this (not in a mean way, it was just time for Megan to go home.) In any case, it was very interesting to see Megan teach Alissa something and vice versa. I’m sure this will continue with both good and bad results for the next couple decades with not only these two usual suspects, but also Abigail, the twins, Devyn, Rylee, and who knows how many other little cousins. *Sigh*

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