25 random things about Alissa

Some of you who are active Facebookers may have noticed a “25 random things about me” thing making the rounds. Well, Dennis did one for him… and then for his dog, Bailey. Since I never have an original thought and steal all of my ideas from other people, I thought it would be fun to do a “25 random things” from Alissa’s perspective. Besides, with the twins’ imminent arrival, this seems like a good way to capture some of the things that I’ll probably forget about with the craziness about to befall us.

1. I have a new little blue stool that helps me get into trouble in ways I never thought possible. However, when my stool isn’t handy, I just look up, point, and say “Reach!”

2. Usually, when I need my daddy, I just yell, “Daa eee!!!” But sometimes, when he doesn’t respond, I try yelling, “Jay shin!”

3. When I first started counting at about 18 months, I used to start with 2 and skip 8. Now I remember both 1 and 8 and can go to 20 but usually skip 13 through 16.

4. Thanks to Po Po and Gong Gong, I know some Cantonese. My favorite words are Juju (banana) and Baobao (bread).

5. Most people think I look a lot like Daddy. I even have the same part in my hair. But actually, I look a lot like Daddy’s mommy when she was little.

6. Even though I’m 25 months old, I still fit most of my 6-12 months clothes.

7. My favorite veggie is corn. But I also like peas and edamame, especially if ketchup is available for dipping.

8. I know a lot of animals and the sounds they make. Dog, cat, duck, cow, fish, horse, pig, bird, are all fun but monkeys are my favorite.

9. I took to my potty immediately. For a week. Since then, I’ve refused to use it. Instead, I just run off to a quiet corner of the house and do my business. A girl needs her privacy.

10. When I got in the car after my Daddy installed two more car seats the first thing I did is point and say “Two babies!”

11. I think I’m pretty empathetic for a toddler. When I was not even 18 months old and Mommy didn’t feel well because the two babies were making her sick, I would realize it and go find Daddy. Also, when I go out and hear a baby crying, I immediately tell Daddy that the baby is crying. Sometimes I even tell Daddy to give the baby a tissue.

12. I’ve known my Do-Re-Mi’s for a long time now.

13. When I come home after going to the park with Daddy, the first thing I do is go tell Mommy what happened. Usually in one or two word phrases. Swing! Slide! Run fast! Fall! Ouchee!

14. I have a bedtime routine that starts with dinner around 6:30, bath around 7:30, milk at 8:00, and “The Upside Down show” till 9:00 when I pick out the pacifier for the night, brush my teeth, read a book, and then go to sleep with Monkey.

15. When I’m a bad girl, I get put in my crib for a few minutes. I cry.

16. I like to play hide and seek but I don’t know how to hide and I’m not a very good seeker.

17. Daddy has a singing dancing Homer Simpson that is one of my favorite toys.

18. I also have an “Elmo knows your name” that I love. Not a big fan of the “Elmo live” though. Scary.

19. My parents named me Alissa with the thought that they would call me Ali for short. They never have.

20. I used to call myself “Sa.” Now I call myself “Asa.”

21. I’m big into doing things myself these days. I can put on my socks and shoes. I can sort of put my pants on and brush my teeth. I also like to buckle myself into my car seat and high chair. Haven’t figured out how to get myself out yet though.

22. My Daddy uploaded 4160 images to flickr in 2008. Guess who is in at least 95% of them?

23. Almost all of my cousins around my age are girls. Almost all of my unrelated peeps around my age are boys. Weird.

24. I’m not only empathetic, but I’m also sensitive. When I feel that people are laughing at me, I get all self conscious and will be embarrassed to the point that I’ll cry.

25. I like to kiss the babies through mommy’s belly. But I’ll probably want them to go back in there in another couple weeks!

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