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We’re all sick

Alissa got sick a number of days ago and proceeded to get the twins and Bonnie sick. I thought I had caught it and summarily kicked it away a few days ago, but I’m a little sniffly now too. The … Continue reading

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Twin update

Somehow, the weeks have gone by and the twins are now six and a half weeks old. They’ve definitely chunkified a bit in that time, Ashley in particular. But I think Amanda actually looks more different given she was all … Continue reading

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Abigail turns three!

We schlepped all three kids (I still do a double take sometimes when I realize we have three kids) to Abigail’s birthday party Sunday and had a nice time as we always do at Calvin and Deeann’s events. They are … Continue reading

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The Olthofs visit

Our friends Bryan, Sijen, and their son, Lincoln, came down for a visit this past weekend. It’s been forever since we’ve seen them so it was nice to spend some good quality time together, even though last time we saw … Continue reading

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Family dinner for Bonnie’s birthday

We had a bunch of Bonnie’s family over to help celebrate Bonnie’s birthday today. I can’t believe how big the family has grown. Between myself, Tony, and Calvin marrying in and then Abigail, Alissa, Megan, Amanda, and Ashley (and Yau … Continue reading

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Alissa is an audiophile

I’ve been enjoying my new headphones fairly regularly lately and Alissa has herself developed a bit of a “golden ear.” Here she is concentrating on how the Sennheiser HD650 headphones smoothly convey female vocals: She sure is a cutie…

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Jason, two ways

Those of you who saw me in the month after the twins were born noticed I got a bit on the hairy side. Bonnie was not a big fan… as a matter of fact, she said I looked like a … Continue reading

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