Jason, two ways

Those of you who saw me in the month after the twins were born noticed I got a bit on the hairy side. Bonnie was not a big fan… as a matter of fact, she said I looked like a pervert. So she was happy to see me freshly shorn in preparation for going back to work. Anyway, since I may not have a month off of work again until I retire, I thought I’d capture myself at peak hairiness and again after Mister Gilette.

Trying to look perverted:

Hot stuff, right!?:

Smooth as a baby’s behind:

Anyway, since I don’t want you to leave with that as your last memory, here are a couple pictures of Alissa doing her Charlie’s Angels poses:

And finally, I should mention that we went to the twins’ one-month doctor appointment today. Ashley is now 7 lbs and 19.25″. Amanda is 5lbs 11oz and 18.25″. Both are apparently healthy and doing a good job putting on weight. Here they are waiting for their exam:
Dr appt on TwitPic

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