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Making up for lost time

Since I feel like the twins are getting the short end of the stick in the picture department, I’ve been trying to make amends. Here are some more: Ashley trying to make her eyes bigger than her mouth. Amanda reminds … Continue reading

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Amanda is getting chubbier

Still has some catching up to do in the hair and cheek department, but making progress. Don’t let her eat me! What’s going on over there? Someday, I’ll be able to reach the top of my head. Ashley’s cheeks fighting … Continue reading

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Mini mill has arrived!

I got the mill today. Here’s a crappy phone pic: I still need to set it up properly, but in typical inpatient Jason fashion, I did make a test cut.

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Amanda update

Amanda went back to the pediatrician’s office today to get a quick check up and hopefully remove her feeding tube. Turns out she’s gaining weight fine (7lbs 14oz) so Dr. Langston took the tube out. Now we have our baby … Continue reading

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Gorgeous day for an Easter Egg hunt

Hottest day of the year so far was spent in Brisbane with a bunch of little rug rats running around for Easter eggs. The Chan’s needed an excuse to host a mah jong party since Uncle Henry, Aunt Lillian, Vanessa, … Continue reading

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Good to be home again

Now that we’ve been home for a few days, things are getting back to “normal.” Amanda is still eating well on her own and our pediatrician was happy with her weight gain at our last appointment. Assuming everything continues on … Continue reading

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Amanda and Ashley, together again

Amanda and Ashley are twins, but have always been different in size. At birth, Ashley was already 1 lb heavier. Now, two months later, Ashley is probably at least 2 lbs heavier. I’m sure Amanda’s recent stay in the hospital … Continue reading

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We’re coming back from the hospital

Hospital?! What?! For those of you who were wondering about my lack of posts over the last 2.5 weeks, we’ve been busy taking care of Amanda at California Pacific Medical Center. I was going to blog about it along the … Continue reading

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