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Amanda and Ashley’s Red Egg and Ginger Party

Two years ago, we hosted a couple hundred people at the Moonstar in San Francisco for Alissa’s red egg and ginger party. This time around, we ended up with mostly the same crowd at the Daly City Moonstar since the … Continue reading

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Argh! Cornell totally messed up the last minute of the NCAA lacrosse final!

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, here are a few random pictures. Alissa’s fake smile is getting more automatic. Alissa earning her keep. Amanda being chubby. Ashley being… chubbier. Find the real baby. An easier challenge.

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Rediscovering the park

Alissa hasn’t been to the park in ages! I just haven’t had the opportunity with the twins, the weather, or any number of excuses I can rattle off. But today, despite the chilly weather, we made it back for a … Continue reading

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Infections, birthdays, and party prep

Haven’t posted much lately since work has been busy and the kids have been keeping us occupied. But there are a few things to report. First, Ashley had a little toe nail tear turn into an infected toe. Nothing major … Continue reading

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Amanda is going to be a superhero

So you think Ashley walking was weird?! Today, I put Amanda down in the swing and go to the kitchen to get a bowl of oatmeal. I come back two minutes later and see the swing still in motion but … Continue reading

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Ashley is going to be the athlete

This afternoon, I put Ashley down for some tummy time and then went into the kitchen to grab a cookie. I wasn’t gone for more than 30 seconds. When I came back, this is what I saw! She can’t talk … Continue reading

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Amanda’s first music lesson + some random pictures

Watching daddy kick some guitar hero butt. Cutie pie: Ashley the sumo wrestler: Daddy’s big girl:

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Spring 2009 video

Possibly the most boring video ever. Random clips over the last couple months of Amanda in her pack-n-play, Alissa playing in the backyard, bath time for the twins, and Alissa’s first try with chopsticks. 2009 05 02 from Jason Wang … Continue reading

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Alissa in pigtails

My mom was able to get Alissa’s hair in pigtails today: In other news, she’s been digging for gold quite a bit lately and still loves those cardboard boxes. (This one was for a Guitar Hero delivery… 2 guitars plus … Continue reading

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