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Flowers or appliances?

Apparently, the traditional and contemporary fourth anniversary gifts are flowers and appliances respectively. I understand flowers. Who doesn’t like flowers? But appliances? Isn’t that kind of like giving your wife a vacuum cleaner for her birthday? So instead, I’m being … Continue reading

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Can I get a “Woot woot?!”

The roof is shingled! Now I just have to finish the shelving inside, get the trim up, and paint the thing. For now, it basically just holds all the tools that I used to make the darn thing. And some … Continue reading

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The Picture People

Bonnie found a coupon for the picture people so we decided to go get some family pictures done. Alissa was a little shy and cried for a bit but we ended up with some decent pictures. The setup is kinda … Continue reading

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From rags to riches

Rags… (shingled half of the shed Sunday… hopefully finish the whole thing this weekend.) … to riches We visited Jef, Xiao Yi, and Gavin this weekend at their beautiful new place in Burlingame. Xiao Yi made a fantastic dinner as … Continue reading

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The shed has walls, a roof, and doors

Bonnie’s dad came over this afternoon to help with the shed. Definitely needed a second set of hands for almost everything that got done today. First we put the roof rafters up. They were pretty close to identical. Had one … Continue reading

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Sisters don’t shake hands… sisters gotta h u g g g…

$1 to the person who gets the modified quote.

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One day, two hammers, three saws, and lots of sore muscles

I took the day off today to start my shed. I’m using these plans I found for free on this wondrous thing called internet. It’s going in the back corner. Originally it was going in the back center, but Bonnie … Continue reading

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What is that squeaking noise?

$1 to the first person who can tell me what that squeaking noise is! Whatchoo lookin’ at? Don’t cry, it’s ok. Hey big sis! Just a cute pic:

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Amanda the bully

When we put Amanda and Ashley in the crib together, most of the time, they ignore each other. But occasionally, one of them will maneuver into position to get a better view of the other. Or sometimes their random arm … Continue reading

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Lots of estrogen around these parts…

I’m sure it’s just going to get worse from here on out, but I think I’m already compensating for having to live with four girls. I redid the closet in the bedroom this weekend. Also, I’m planning another small shelf … Continue reading

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