Halloween party at Tommy and Phyllis’

We went to Tommy and Phyllis’ beautiful new house for a Halloween party. They had great decorations, food, and provided a safe and enthusiastic neighborhood full of houses to go trick or treating.

Here’s a picture with the grandparents before we left.

Amanda fell asleep during the trick or treat walk:

Phyliss’ salad with carmelized “brains”:

And her eye-meatball sandwiches:

Plus stromboli (can’t remember what the scary name was):

She also made a really good french onion soup and had punch and dip. That plus all the desserts everyone brought made for quite the feast. We brought a pumpkin cake that I forgot to take a picture of. I did a bad job with the frosting so it wasn’t all that pretty anyway. It did have a Hoho stem that was pretty funny though… till Terry broke it off and ate it.

I’ll have to get some pictures from the other folks who were there. I’m getting worse at photographing everything… need another set of hands to take pictures while holding babies.

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