Happy Wangsgiving

We hosted a small gathering of folks for Thanksgiving this year. Bonnie made a “fruit turkey”, a cranberry mold, salad, and layered jello. I made garlic mashed potatoes (Alton Brown recipe), wild rice stuffing (made up based on what I remember from a recipe from 2 years ago), a 16 lb turkey (Alton Brown influenced), and giblet gravy. And of course, all our guests brought even more food. Ham, korean short ribs, meatballs and sausages, apple pie, cookies, sweet potatoes, dim sum, creamed corn, 7 layer brownies, cake, potato salad, mango pudding, and probably a few things I’ve already digested and forgotten. It was an obscene amount of food for the number of mouths available.

Needless to say, everyone stuffed their faces but barely made a dent in all the food. So everyone also did a good job taking lots of leftovers home.


Turkey turned out pretty well. I brined it for a day before roasting. And I also used the techniques Alton Brown recommends in order to keep the breasts moist while still making sure the thighs cook through.

Here’s Bonnie’s “turkey.”

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  1. Mom says:

    I like Bonnie’s turkey! Creative and cute. delicious too. 🙂

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