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Happy Halloween

We took some pictures in front of our sheet. Amanda didn’t want to wear the hood part of Eeyore but did want to wear the Pooh shoes. Alissa picked out the design for the pumpkin and we put her to … Continue reading

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I’ve been delinquent…

With the job being so busy and just trying to stay above water with everything else, the blog has been a bit neglected. Here are a few random pictures from the last several weeks to try to make amends. (Ashley … Continue reading

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Random things about Ashley and Amanda

Just before the twins were born, I had written a blog post title, “25 random things about Alissa.” Now that the twins themselves have been around for more than a little while, Bonnie thought I should repeat the exercise for … Continue reading

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Amanda’s other twin?

Kathy saw this picture randomly on the internet somewhere and thought it looked a lot like Amanda. What do you think? They have a lot of similar features. Amanda’s eyes aren’t quite as big, but she has kinda the same … Continue reading

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Blast from the past – video from our wedding reception

I’ve been trying to do some cleaning of all the electronic data we have across multiple external and internal hard drives recently and rediscovered the video that we showed during our wedding reception. For those of you who were at … Continue reading

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