RS 150 DIY Bookshelf Speaker Build

I can’t seem to stay focused these days… building speakers, amps, and a buffer all at the same time. Anywho… here’s a post for the latest item. A pair of CJDs rs150 TM bookshelf speakers. I need a pair of smaller speakers for the bedroom. They’ll probably be driven from a chip amp (that I’ve actually completed already) using my iphone as a source.

I got the tweeters used and the woofers aren’t that much to begin with so I just bought them.

I made the cabinet with simple birch plywood all leftover from other projects with mitered and biscuited corners. The front corners will be about a 3/8″ bevel as a design feature (I’m a sucker for the laminate look for some reason) with a basic hand rubbed tung oil finish to match many of my other builds.

The sides and back glued up:
Rs150 MT

Crossovers installed with foam and just waiting for the front baffles:
RS150 MT
RS150 MT

The problem with not having perfectly square cuts and positioned biscuits:
RS150 MT

Testing out the first speaker:

Their current resting place book-ending my headphone amp and the chipamp.

So far, I’ve been very happy with them. They need a little breaking in and they don’t sound nearly as good as the full size designs, but they’re very good for what they are.

The next project will be the opposite end of the spectrum… very large with dual woofers, dual mid-ranges, and my first build with a ribbon tweeter. And of course, I still need to finish the other amps and buffer projects!

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4 Responses to RS 150 DIY Bookshelf Speaker Build

  1. Jamey says:

    Hows do these compare to the SR71s?

  2. jason says:

    They’re quite a bit smaller and not ported so they don’t go as low or as loud as the SR71s. I think I can hear a little more detail but that could be in my head. I like them for smaller rooms, and near-field listening. But the SR71s would be my preference for general purpose speakers.

  3. Jamey says:

    Of the speakers you have built which are your favorites? I ended up building the rs150 MT also.. it has good detail but not much of a sound stage… I may rebuild them ported or just leave them as computer speakers…

  4. jason says:

    I would probably say the ZDT from Zaph Audio. The vocals are fantastic probably due to the midrange dome and they go deep enough for me with the ported design. I also built the center channel but haven’t used it much as it actually doesn’t actually fit in my current HT setup.

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