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I’m still a huge car guy but haven’t had much interesting stuff going on in the car arena in quite a while. But I did get a chance to give the Pilot and Lexus overdue car washes yesterday. The Pilot is almost 6 years old with a little more than 40,000 miles and still looks brand new (a couple minor run ins with our garage door but not bad considering there’s literally a fraction of an inch clearance). Just change the fluids and keep the tires inflated.


The Lexus is also running like a champ. It’s more than 10 years old now (I’ve had it for about 5) has about 127,000 miles and has not needed anything of note after the water pump and timing belt change I did myself shortly after I bought it. It has needed new tires for quite a while now and I finally found a set of almost brand new tires on a set of Honda s2000 wheels. The wheels aren’t perfect, but I got the set plus a pair of Kosei wheels and Nitto tires for cheaper than a set of new tires would have cost! I love CL.



The new wheels are 16″ vs. 17″ so they look a little small to me, but no big deal. Also, I’m missing a pair of center caps. Finally, these wheels are lug centric where as the Lexus ones are hub centric so I needed a new set of conical lug nuts too. Who knows… maybe I’ll own an s2000 again someday and these will be my track wheels. 🙂

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