Rondo music Agile AL-2000 Goldtop P90 review

My fetish for cheap guitars continues. This time, I justified it by replacing the one that I gave to my dad. It’s my first guitar with P90 pickups and my third from Without further ado…

First the good:
Action pretty spot on right out of the box
Intonation is great as well all the way up the fret board
Fret work is nice and smooth
The bridge looks to be installed backwards from traditional but Kurt from Rondo says this makes it easier to adjust for P90 models
The finish is pretty decent. There are a few really minor flaws around the rear cavities but nothing major
The Grover tuners are great

Now the not so good:
The neck is three piece as I expected. But the two piece heel has a “bonus” third piece that likely won’t make any real difference but does further emphasize the fact that this was a $250 guitar.
2014-04-09 at 07.47.56
The strings don’t seem to align perfectly with the pickup poles. I’ve noticed this with many guitars and although it doesn’t seem to impact performance, it just bugs me.

All in all, about what I expected. It’s my first guitar with P90s so I don’t have a point of comparison, but so far I like it a lot! Need to play with it some more, but it definitely helps round out my tonal palette.

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