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Archive of “Biggest Loser” Page

New year, new “resolutions” page. So I’m archiving the old Biggest Loser page here. May 2, 2009: In the months since dropping my weight down to nearly 150, I’ve relapsed a bit back up to 157. I blame the twins. … Continue reading

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My first visit to Dr. Snip-snip – *warning* lots of stupid euphemisms and puns

Today was step #1 in eliminating any remnants of manhood that are left after first, getting married, second, having three girls, and third, finally admitting to myself that my dream of racing cars for a living probably isn’t going to … Continue reading

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Moment by Moment

Some of you know that I volunteer my photography services with the non-profit group, Moment by Moment (click logo above for details.). It’s little more than a some time and a few dollars for me. However, the organization is managed … Continue reading

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Amanda and Ashley are 6 months old

Went to the doctor for their 6 month checkup today. Ashley is 14 lbs even and 24″ long. Amanda is 12 lbs even and 23.25″ tall. They’re just barely on the charts at around the 3rd to 5th percentile but … Continue reading

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Stop and smell the flowers

The last few weeks have been kinda crazy with work and travel and sick kids and such. Things are starting to die down and bit and we’re looking forward to the long weekend. No big plans… just hoping for a … Continue reading

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We’re coming back from the hospital

Hospital?! What?! For those of you who were wondering about my lack of posts over the last 2.5 weeks, we’ve been busy taking care of Amanda at California Pacific Medical Center. I was going to blog about it along the … Continue reading

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We’re all sick

Alissa got sick a number of days ago and proceeded to get the twins and Bonnie sick. I thought I had caught it and summarily kicked it away a few days ago, but I’m a little sniffly now too. The … Continue reading

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Archiving 2008 resolution

Just archiving my old resolution as it’s now 2009 (For the record, I ended the year around 152). Haven’t figured out the 2009 resolution yet… maybe I’ll try to get abs of steel. They say that if you write a … Continue reading

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New project – the beginning of Jason Wang Bicycles

With the bike done, I find myself craving another project. Not that I don’t have enough to do around here as it is with Alissa, Bonnie on bedrest, and some photography stuff here and there. I guess maybe I just … Continue reading

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Alissa has some big news… and some REALLY big news!!!

I have news and I have NEWS. The news is that Bonnie is pregnant again! Yay! We were hoping #2 would come about when Alissa turned two and as it turns out, Alissa will be around 26 months. Now, for … Continue reading

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