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Mini mill has arrived!

I got the mill today. Here’s a crappy phone pic: I still need to set it up properly, but in typical inpatient Jason fashion, I did make a test cut.

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Jason, two ways

Those of you who saw me in the month after the twins were born noticed I got a bit on the hairy side. Bonnie was not a big fan… as a matter of fact, she said I looked like a … Continue reading

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Beta 22 amplifier build

I got a fair amount of work done on my next project the last couple days. This one is a high power, three-channel, active ground amplifier and matching power supply. These also come from AMB labs. Here’s the power supply … Continue reading

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More DIY electronics

I built a headphone amp and DAC today. Both are designs from AMB Labs. Here’s the amp: Here’s the DAC: So now, I can get the digital optical signal out of my Mac Pro, convert it to an analog signal, … Continue reading

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DIY headphone amplifier – JDS labs CMoy bass boost version 2.02

With the stress of Alissa’s terrible twos and the impending birth of the two terribles, I’ve been taking on little projects here and there. The bike was one of the more ambitious projects. My latest project, though less ambitious, is … Continue reading

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New project – the beginning of Jason Wang Bicycles

With the bike done, I find myself craving another project. Not that I don’t have enough to do around here as it is with Alissa, Bonnie on bedrest, and some photography stuff here and there. I guess maybe I just … Continue reading

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Aidan’s 1st birthday party

Today was Aidan’s 1st birthday party at Kathy’s sister’s beautiful house in St. Francis Woods. As you’ll notice, Mickey Mouse was the theme. Aidan had a small nap half way through, but otherwise seemed happy to see all the friends … Continue reading

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My “free” IQ

I got suckered into one of those free IQ tests on Facebook. The test itself was fine albeit suspect in accuracy given there were only like 20 questions you needed to answer. The crappy part was the 3,523 free offers … Continue reading

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Reached my weight goal today!

You probably haven’t been paying attention to the additional tab at the top of the blog, but I’ve made my goal of reaching 160 lbs a month ahead of schedule. I’ve rewarded myself with (finally) getting a PS3. Should be … Continue reading

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Technical difficulties

For those of you who haven’t been able to access the blog for a couple days, I apologize. Apparently, there was a fire and explosion at, which took out a bunch of servers, one of which hosts this blog. … Continue reading

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